Devi Devi Devi (Jay Ma)

„Devi Devi Devi“ has been the absolute favorite at Yoga Vidya since Yoga Vidya was founded in 1992. „Devi Devi Devi“ is a kirtan with great dynamics, with great joy and great ease. This Devi Devi Devi kirtan brings great joy and can bring ecstasy to a whole group of aspirants. Whenever you are stuck somewhere, whenever you are somehow sad, whenever you want to get new strength, new confidence, new joy, new love, you just have to chant this kirtan with great enthusiasm. And so there are also many videos and audios with this kirtan on the Yoga Vidya pages. „Devi Devi Devi“ is said three times in a row, what means „Oh goddess, oh goddess, oh goddess“. Devi also means „radiant“ and „shining“. „You are Jagan Mohini, you charm the whole world.“ Mohini – „whom you charm“, and Jagan – „the whole universe“. „Devi Devi Devi Jagan Mohini.“ „Chandrika Devi. You are radiant and luminous, Devi.” Chandrika is a name of Durga, it is an affectionate form of Chandi and Chandi is one of the names of the Divine Mother, expressing closeness. And this Chandi is also Chandamunda Harini, she has overcome, Harini, Chanda and Munda, these are two demons described in the Devi Mahatmyam. They stand for duality: “You help me to overcome all dualities.” “Chamundeshwari, you are the goddess who leads me into unity.” “Ambika, you are the divine mother, please let me experience you as my mother .” And, “Devi – Oh Goddess”. Thus: “Devi Devi Devi, O Divine Mother, you enchant the whole world. You are radiant and luminous. You transcend all dualities. You are my mother. Lead me to the highest.”

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